"Wild & Windswept"

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“The weather had been turbulent the previous day as I flew south and I was greeted by fierce hail and winds upon landing on this beach. As the day went on and things improved, I gambled that it might be worth a shot at sunset, so I hiked to this vantage point overlooking “The Gutter”.  The wind was still incredibly strong, but created a small gap in the clouds, allowing the sun to squeeze through and highlight this wonderful view.  And yes, that water really is as cold as it looks!!

Equipment: 36Mp Nikon D810 + Sigma 24-105mm Art lens

Exposure: 1/40 sec @ f22 ISO 200

9 frames stitched for maximum detail and clarity

Location: Mason's Bay, Stewart Island

Limited Edition:
75 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media).

Year of Release: 2016

HP Z3200 PS 12 colour "Vivera" archival pigment inks, Giclée process (100% cotton rag paper & fine-art canvas).

Print Permanence:
250 years indoors, as tested on HP Z3200 printer by Wilhelm Research Institute, California.

Copyright: Peter Latham 2016

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