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I only decided to take this road at the last split second and it turned into the most remarkable day of all, the season’s first snow had fallen the day before and the weather was in constant flux. After capturing the fallen leaves under this tree, something made me look back over my shoulder and I could hardly believe what I was looking at ...OMG, QUICK! Fighting driving rain, I struggled to keep my lens clear long enough to capture it before the light changed and this rainbow faded. One frame was all I got, but that’s all I needed. Gotcha!"

Equipment: 60Mp Phase One DB + Mamiya AFD 645 + 28mm lens

Exposure: 1/125 sec @ f25 ISO 400

Location: Nevis Valley, Central Otago

 jackpot story

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1. When I first arrived, the large tree had lost it's leaves on the south western side which were then caught in the backlit grasses. Beautiful!

2. Whilst I was shooting images of these trees up the gully, I happened to glance back over my shoulder & saw the rainbow over the main tree......blimmen heck, grab it quick! Trying to clear the rain from my lens was painful!

3. Moments after sneaking just two frames on my Mamiya, I reached for my phone to record the moment. But the rainbow had already faded & the strong winds had blown the mist through.

4. A photo of the first frame on my digital back, I just couldn't wait to get home & download it!



Limited Edition:
125 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media).

Year of Release: 2017

HP Z3200 PS 12 colour "Vivera" archival pigment inks, Giclée process (100% cotton rag paper & fine-art canvas).

Print Permanence:
250 years indoors, as tested on HP Z3200 printer by Wilhelm Research Institute, California.

Copyright: Peter Latham 2017

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