Looking for a piece of art? Don't know where to begin? I'm here to help you get it right!

Building or renovating? Consider your artworks from the start. When you know what art you want to feature, you then have the ability to adjust walls if necessary & consider any lighting requirements. It's then easier to choose your colours & select furnishings & accessories, much easier! If you have a large wall, it's usually more dramatic to have one large artwork (less is often more!) Smaller pieces can be grouped together on one wall (an eclectic mix of frames & pieces can be very effective), leaving your statement piece " r o o m   t o   b r e a t h e " !

Photography is a very discerning discipline, one has to have a trained eye & sense of balance in order to achieve good composition - interior design is the same. Over the last 14 years I have worked with numerous architects, interior designers & hundreds of clients on a wide variety of large commercial projects & residential homes of all shapes & sizes. This has allowed me to acquire a vast knowledge base & practical understanding of good design.

Unsure about what might suit your space? If you e-mail me ( photographs of your room, I can superimpose a few images & e-mail them back to you (please include a measurement of your wall or a piece of furniture so I can scale to size.) This is a convenient way to gain an accurate impression - hassle free! You are also welcome to take pieces home on approval from my galleries & I may be able to come & visit you if you are close by & I have the time available. Feel free to drop me a line & we can take it from there.

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